On the R-evolution of the species

di Micol Pimpinella e Sofia Villa (grafica)

Crystal Porco e Allegra Chimento (testo)


When style does not match with hype

In the fascinating journey of humanity through the centuries, we have transformed, evolved, revolutionized. From the Homo sapiens painting on cave walls, to the sumptuous elegance of the Renaissance, the impeccably styled Victorian gentleman, and finally to the modern man who, unsettlingly, takes on the semblance of a robot. This is the portrait of an unprecedented stylistic evolution, where our identity intertwines with technology, creating a new paradigm of human existence.

But are we still sure we belong to nature? Or have we pushed ourselves so far from it that we no longer recognize ourselves? Our style, once tied to the earth and its rhythm, now tunes into the digital and the artificial. But what might we lose in this process? Perhaps, in our desire for technological perfection, we have left behind the primordial connection with the natural world, the sense of belonging that defined us as earthly creatures. Yet, in this context of incessant change, our style continues to evolve: we adapt to circumstances, transforming our way of living, communicating, creating.

In this intricate labyrinth of unanswered questions, we find ourselves suspended between what we were and what we could become. The boundary between human and machine becomes increasingly blurred, leaving us to ponder the true meaning of our existence: immersed in our fervor to evolve, are we perhaps paying too high a price?