di Lorenzo Broccone, Eugenia Daniele,Marilena Pace

Everyone is different. There are many sorts of people around the world. Therefore they don’t have the same physical appearance, they do not share the same musical taste  (pop, rock, jazz, indie..) and neither the same literary genre preference (classic, fantasy, romance, mystery…) and fortunately they don’t behave the same way. All these sorts of people during mankind’s history have contributed to bring all kinds of facets in every theme and topic. It’s obvious that everyone is unique and has different interests but living in this world can also help us broaden our mind. However we can’t let these differences tear us apart. Our uniqueness is a gem that needs to be preserved, because it's our own selves who will bring new diversity and richness to this world, like no one else will. You too, are unique, and no one should see it as a defect; you are unique just like eveyone else, in your own way. The key is learning how to accept and respect everyone for who they are. The questions risen from these statements are many: what is, definitely, a genre? How vast are the immense diversities of variations in every genre of art, by the minimum detail? What is the history of a genre itself, and what are the unique traits of humanity that brought to it? Maybe, in the future, you will be the one remembered for diffusing your own genre in the whole world

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